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ECODRILL celebrates 10 years as exploration drilling provider for Capstone Copper

• During this period, ECODRILL has participated in the exploration campaigns carried out by Capstone Copper.

• Successfully implementing solutions to reduce water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

• Maintaining an excellent performance in safety and corporate social responsibility.

ECODRILL celebrated 10 years as a provider of exploration services for Capstone Copper in Mexico, where they have carried out various exploration campaigns in their projects in Mexico, both on surface and underground.

For ECODRILL, the tenth anniversary means an important occasion considering the experience and development they have achieved by working with Capstone, where since 2013 they have provided various diamond drilling services, training, consulting and supplies for the industry.

To commemorate the occasion, ECODRILL’s executives presented Taras Nahnybida, director of North America Exploration for Capstone Copper, with a commemorative 10th anniversary award in Vancouver, Canada.

Likewise, in Zacatecas, the recognition was given to directors of Capstone Copper’s Cozamin mine, where it was mentioned that ECODRILL’s work has contributed to the productivity and continuity of the most important copper mine in the state.

High commitment to safe operations and care to the environment, more than 50 million liters of water saved in its processes.

ECODRILL implements a completely closed water recirculation system in each of its drilling sites, which allows savings of up to 80 percent in water consumption compared to the consumption of other drilling schemes that do not use this system.

During the drilling campaigns carried out in these ten years, ECODRILL has achieved savings of more than 50 million liters of water, which would be equivalent to providing water to more than 500 people in one year.

As of May 2023, ECODRILL has registered an accumulation of 531 consecutive days without a lost time accident in its operations at Capstone Copper, a mine where in 2018 reached the maximum number of employees at 70 employees, including supervision, operators, mechanics and drivers, mainly.

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and community relations.

In order to eliminate the consumption of fossil fuels, ECODRILL has implemented the use of renewable energies, by installing an illumination system based on the use of photovoltaic solar panels for exploration tasks in all operations. In this way we supply night lighting with the use of solar radiation.

This environmental initiative has contributed to the elimination of fuel consumption and therefore the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere. It is considered that 5.75 tons of Co2 have been saved per year for each installed solar panel, from 2014 to date, the emission of at least 140 tons of Co2 into the environment by ECODRILL has been avoided in the Cozamin project.

Finally, as a Socially Responsible Company (ESR), a contribution that ECODRILL has made in the area of Capstone Copper in Zacatecas, has been its support for the nearby communities, where since 2014 aspects have been donated such as: sanitizing measures for the COVID-19 pandemic; pantries for people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Likewise, technological items such as electronic tablets, speakers and iPad Minis have been donated to communities, as well as blankets and pantries for Capstone Copper, which in turn donated to those affected by the 2017 earthquake in Mexico City.

In this way, ECODRILL reiterates its commitment to its customers, standing out as a responsible company that operates with Core Values (CORE) being these: Care for the environment, Operate safely, Results oriented and Empowered team.

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